An endeavor of the Vyapari Education Foundation, Samvit is committed to recognizing and rewarding extraordinary impacts created by dedicated ordinary people


Since 2004 the Vyapari Education Foundation (VEF) has


Recognized lifetime achievements of teachers, students, community leaders, and people whose commitment, tireless efforts, and selfless intentions have changed lives of thousands of individuals

Strengthened and funded unique programs at the brink of losing vital support.  These include bolstering educational endeavors among children, victims of human trafficking, individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities, tribal population, and marginalized individuals in our communities

Our approach to impACTS

The Vyapari Education Foundation (VEF) identifies institutional/organizational needs

Recipients receive monetary support from VEF in variable amounts 

VEF’s monetary awards are often matched by our partners, in varying amounts 

Total amount received by a recipient may be larger than the initial award made by VEF 

VEF is committed to contributing 100% of its allocated award amount

VEF does not retain any portion of the monies contributed by its partners 

Recipients receive 100% of the monies awarded by VEF and its partners 

VEF’s circle of collaborators and partners continues to grow

VEF is committed to supporting and sustaining efforts to realize outcomes in a tangible way