The Founders

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Mr. Srinivas Vyapari - a teacher for young minds and educators, and an administrator - worked ceaselessly to nurture and further the cause of education for more than 55 years with his Alma Mater Vivek Vardhani Education Society, a century old pioneer institution of national repute in Hyderabad.   Mr. Vyapari passed away in 2003.

Dr. Susheela Vyapari was a teacher and subsequently Principal of the Hindi Mahavidyalaya (Hyderabad); a novel undergraduate college offering courses in arts, sciences, and commerce in Hindi as the instructional medium.   She was one among the four founding faculty members, and served the institution for 31 years. Upon retiring she served as a member of the managing committee, followed by becoming an honorary General Secretary & Correspondent, and then as Vice President of the Vivek Vardhini Education Society.   Mrs. Vyapari passed away in 2016.

Dedication and contributions to sustain value-based systems in our societies, and the underpinnings of education to support those values are their legacies.  Their beliefs were deeply rooted in basic human rights of access to education, growth and development.  Through personal interactions, acts, and manifestation of beliefs they empowered thousands of individuals to attain economic and social independence.  Most importantly both Mr. and Mrs. Vyapari affirmed the significance of timeless quality of education through personal demonstrations. 

Humble beginnings and realities of surviving with meager means shaped their desires to help students, teachers, and individuals committed to the noble cause of teaching and learning.  Their personal experiences and observations confirmed the need to strengthen individuals; which in turn strengthened institutions and the communities they served.  In the year 2000 Mr. and Mrs. Vyapari used their personal retirement savings to launch VEF - a family foundation.