For over 16 years now the Vyapari Education Foundation (VEF) based in Hyderabad, India has hosted two events a year, and engaged in initiatives and activities that:

Recognized lifetime achievements of teachers, students, community leaders, and people whose commitment, tireless efforts, and selfless intentions have changed lives of thousands of individuals

Strengthened and funded unique programs at the brink of losing vital support.  These include bolstering educational endeavors among children, victims of human trafficking, individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities, tribal population, and marginalized individuals in our communities. 

VEF’s summary of  hosted events (March 2004 - February 2018)

13 “Oration in Education” lectures by eminent scholars, chancellors, professors, physicians, engineers, authors, and individuals dedicated to education in rural sectors.

13 “Guru Shreshtha” felicitations and awards bestowed upon educators and teachers from various states in India.

9 “Shiksha Seva Sanman” felicitations and grants provided to at-risk institutions nurturing education and educational causes without adequate financial or other resources.

10 “Shiksha Sadhak Sanman” recognitions and fellowship grants awarded to young women and men for their innovative impact in formulating solutions for proliferation of education.